The swim will take place in the outdoor, 50 meter Penn State Natatorium.  The first five heats
will have two swimmers starting at each end of each lane and the last two heats will have
three swimmers at each end.  Swimmers will circle swim (staying to the right) and complete
750 M (15 lengths) in the pool, then exit the pool from the side opposite of where they started.
 Heats will be determined using swim seed times to help ensure reasonable matches in
swimming ability within each lane.

Transition Area:  The transition area will be located on the grassy area
immediately to the
east of the outdoor pool.  It will be different than where we had it for our first 4
years because
of road construction on Curtin Rd
, but think this location may be better anyway.  (Click the
image below to download the jpeg file if you want to have a closer look).

Bike:  The bike course has changed slightly due to the construction.  The ride will start out as
shown on the map above, accessing Park Avenue via the access road for the Softball
stadium.  Riders will turn right and proceed two blocks on Park Avenue before turning left on
Fox Hollow Rd (at Beaver Stadium).   Follow Fox Hollow Rd past the University Park Airport to
the turn around at the intersection with Rock Rd, then return back to the transition area
following the same route.

Run:  Runners will leave the south end of the transition area and head west the path along
the south side of the outdoor pool.  They will then turn Right on Bigler Rd and follow it across
Park Ave, continuing past the new law school building and turning right on Service Rd.  Then
turn Left on Big Hollow Rd, Right on Tower Rd, and Right on University Dr to the turnaround
point (near the intersection of University Dr and Park Ave).  Return to the finish line
backtracking along the same course, but turning left into the driveway to the small parking lot
between the Natatorium building and the outdoor pool.  The finish line will be near the
entrance to the outdoor pool.